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Reclaiming Minds Therapy and Wellness, LLC


We are a practice dedicated to working with women of color and their allies in areas that they may be experiencing challenges such as: anxiety, depression, trauma (racial trauma, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, etc.), substance abuse, relationship issues and life transitions.

Much of our work has been with people who have been historically underserved and marginalized. Assisting those we work with to develop the tools they need to live their best life is our passion. Respect and individuality are central in our work. We always want our clients to feel safe and protected so they can be themselves both while with us and in their life.

Our vision is to provide supports to women of color that are affordable and culturally sound. We seek to de-stigmatize mental health and create positivity surrounding mental wellness.

Our mission is to heal, empower, restore and support women of color as they recover from depression, anxiety and trauma.

We offer a Christian perspective to those who are in need of a faith-based approach.

No matter what has occurred, you are here now and you want to heal, grow, and uncover the strength to move forward.

We have been professionally helping people do just this, since 2012.

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Adult Therapy

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On a mission to help:


We heal transgenerational trauma, by providing a practice built on care and compassion.


We provide accessible mental health services, through sliding scale and virtual options.


We help women recover and regain an new sense of self.


We guide clients through their self-care journey.

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Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and compassionate of my personal concerns. Professional and prompt with appointments and responses to questions. Very calming and comfortable energy that allows me to open up and feel like I'm connecting and resolving my issues. I would highly recommend.

Jamila is a very caring and compassionate person. Very helpful during difficult times. Highly recommend her.