Do You Feel Stressed and lacking connections?

• You are tired of feeling isolated and as though you don’t have anyone to show up for you?
• You are the go-to person…and you don’t always feel like you have that for yourself
• Do you struggle with boundaries?
• You want to learn how to build and cultivate healthier relationships?

If this sound true, our new group may be a good fit!

Women’s Wellness Collective: Sister Circle for Black Women

Black women professionals sometimes struggle with being present for everyone and everything but, don’t always prioritize their own wellness. This group is designed to be a safe space with other Black women to reclaim Joy and rest.
Our group consists of weekly 75-minute closed group sessions that help you work through your concerns and share space with other Black women. Our goals are:

1. Have a safe space to process life through shared experiences
2. Identify effective coping skills to navigate day to day challenges
3. Build, experience and learn the value of community
4. Empower you through group interactions as the guide in your own life solutions
5. Experience healing by speaking and owning your story
6. Name your experiences and remove shame through expression.
7. We will also work to discover what your goals are in therapy and in this phase of your life.

Ready to start feeling better? If you feel Finding time and safe spaces, Women’s Wellness Collective for Black women could help.
Start now and be in a healing space with other Black women. Schedule a phone call with our Founder, Jamila Jones to ensure the group is a good fit for you:

Cost: $200 monthly


Reclaiming Minds Therapy and Wellness
1525 E 53rd St, suite 901
Chicago, IL 60615

Monday – Saturday
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Currently seeing clients via telehealth only, through video or phone.